MUTOPIA presents sustainable scenarios for Denmark at The Danish Parliament

Tonight, MUTOPIA presents the DK2050 scenarios for the green transition of Denmark towards becoming a carbon-free society at Christiansborg Palace, the seat of The Danish Parliament, as part of Copenhagen’s annual Culture Night.

How to create a sustainable society in 2050, which major opportunities for improving our live conditions does the green transition offer, and will the transformation be state driven, or will municipalities, citizens and private companies become major drivers of change?

Visitors of The Danish Parliament will be given the opportunity to consider pros and cons related to Denmark’s transition towards a low carbon society in 2050 by placing their vote – a green sphere, in a bowl corresponding to their favourite scenario.

The green transition scenarios have been developed as part of DK2050, a project headed and co-curated by MUTOPIA in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre DAC for Realdania, 5 Danish government ministries and 10 municipalities.

The DK2050 scenarios will be showcased at the Constitution Chamber, as part of an event hosted by the parliamentary group for Alternativet/The Alternative, a new Danish political party focused on sustainable transition, a new political culture and the entrepreneurial creative power of society and individuals.

foto credits: FOTO24 by Klaus H. Markussen

DK2050 project descriptions:

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