Fast Company praises MUTOPIA’s Masterplan for The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen

Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand dedicated to reporting about how innovative and creative ‘fast companies’ are actively inventing the future of business, praises MUTOPIA’s masterplan for The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen for making room for both creative newcomers and traditional trades.

The article ‘Copenhagen Vs. New York City: A Tale Of Two Meatpacking Districts’, considers the difference between the development of The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen, based on strategic long-term planning and active involvement of the city government, citizens and stakeholders, as opposed to the market-driven development in New York, characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes in the urban environment.

MUTOPIA’s K-plan, released in 2007, has driven the burgeoning of the old meat industry area of Copenhagen into an active and open urban district, integrated in the public and recreational network of the city, by successfully balancing the needs of the traditional businesses – which need places to drive and park delivery trucks through the neighbourhood – and new businesses, which are reliant on safe walkways and bicycle routes, as well as areas for outdoor dining, temporary events and city life.

In 2013, MUTOPIA released a second phase of the masterplan, Kødbyen 2025, aimed at supporting the neighborhood’s continued evolution towards becoming a sustainable self-supporting district which unites vegetables-and fruit production with residential, office and retail space, to achieve food waste reduction, renewable energy production and a lively urban environment.

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