DK2050 urban scenarios kick-off

Partner-in-charge Serban Cornea presented the outlines of the DK2050 project for a large audience including representatives from ten Danish municipalities, 5 experts, four ministries and three regions at a kick-off event of the DK2050 urban scenarios at Aarhus Turbinehallen.

The event, dubbed Camp2 as a follow-up of previous meetings between DK2050 stakeholders, is the first step in the process of developing urban scenarios for a carbon-free Denmark in 2050 based upon an analytical report developed by socioeconomic, policy and research consultancies DAMVAD and Kairos Future.

MUTOPIA will be heading the overall architectural production of the DK2050 project, aimed at defining national and regional urban strategies that support the green transformation towards achieving a carbon-free society.

A number of 4 scenarios for 4 future ‘Denmarks’ will be developed by MUTOPIA along with architectural offices Sleth, Tredje Natur and We, and in collaboration with Rambøll Engineers.

The 4 scenarios will provide valuable insights into the possibilities of taking steps towards a greener Denmark, and will enable citizens and decision-makers to take the necessary decisions for achieving a better fossil-free society on an informed basis.

Pictures courtesy MUTOPIA and Henrik Wedel Sivertsen.

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