The Earth

The design for ‘The Earth’ is an attempt to maximise the use of sports space, by combining the multi-purpose sports field typology with landscape features and learning elements.

‘The Earth’ is shaped like a raised multi-purpose sports field for football, basketball and roller-skating, providing a vantage point to survey the flat surroundings, and sloped edges with circular seating areas for spectator sports.

The sports field is encircled by silhouettes of the major mountain ranges on the Earth’s land surface, and centred on an unfolded Earth map which promotes creative connections between play, topography and learning.

The jagged blue hued mountains with the white tops disappearing seamlessly into the sky create an intriguing, transparent and playful edge between sports field and surroundings, while also contributing to the narrative of the Earth as the ‘Blue Planet’.

‘The Earth’ is the first stage of MUTOPIA’s proposal for the 9ha combined sports&play Søndersø Idrætsland, aimed at providing synergy between sports, leisure and teaching across age and proficiency by taking advantage of the unique mix of users from the surrounding schools, sports and football clubs.

A number of activity fields placed around the central football area provide shared areas of training, learning and play. In order to provide inspiration for both sports and learning, the activity fields are shaped as the planets of the solar system. A multi-purpose quality for each ‘planet’ is achieved by merging sports and learning features with planet profile facts, while a combined running and obstacle path unites all the 'planets' into a Milky Way ‘sports galaxy’.

Client: Municipality of Nordfyn, supported by Nordea Fonden and DBU

Program: first stage of the 8.7ha large Søndersø Idrætsland, 600m2 multi-purpose sportsfield

Year: 2014 - 2015

Location: Søndersø, Nordfyn

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Carina Nissen, Marcin Kruk, Jolanta Szczepanik, Krzysztof Fornalewski

Status: Completed