The Active Village Pond

’The Active Village Pond’ is a new sports, movement and recreation area in Hillerød, North Zealand, with a strong identity based on the story of the traditional village pond as the focal point of the village, both in terms of activities, sociality and community.

MUTOPIA’s vision is based on the need for balance between established sports and new movement cultures in a time when new trends, forms of use and user groups emerge. Coherence, optimized utilization and synergy between features and actors are keywords when it comes to achieving a balance between many different user groups.

Based on the desire to optimize the use of the natural area by gathering several sports and movement activities, MUTOPIA have created an identity-strong, flexible and generous framework for unfolding and socializing that ensures strong co-ownership and cohesion.

The village pond is part of the cultural history of the village and has been traditionally used for a wide range of activities, from doing the laundry to food provision, irrigation or wastewater treatment. More importantly, it used to be a place for meeting and socializing, playing, or for competing in the Sunday rally. How to turn sports and movement into a social glue unifying the entire community in Hillerød East across age and interest?

In ’The Active Village Pond’, fences and activities contribute to creating an intense, homely village atmosphere that is welcoming, while opening for new forms of use, interaction and exchange among the many different user groups.

The mandatory sports fence is extruded corresponding to specific themed activity areas according to a gable motive. The ‘activity gables’ provide addresses to each specific activity within a larger activity compound, while the themed areas are further defined by a colour code, so that each activity area is easily recognizable. This results into a lively environment, where the artificial turf pitch is supplemented by several micro-environments welcoming a wide range of sports- and leisure activities.

More than being a necessary evil, the sports fence is re-invented as an activity catalysator and identity generator, which supports diversity, while providing a sense of community.

Client: Municipality of Hillerød

Program: 33ha sports and movement area, including an artificial football pitch, along with several activity areas including balancing, climbing, chillout, play, multi-purpose sportsfields, and a running track

Year: 2017-

Location: Hillerød, North Zealand

Team: Serban Cornea, Henrik Ulsfort, Cornelia Cheaburu, Paula Bacosca

Budget: 20 mio. kr.

Status: under development