Sports Valleys

Herlufsholm Gymnastikforening HG, the largest sports association in Næstved with 4.100 members, together with Herlufsholm Sports Center (Herlufsholm Idrætscenter), would like to open up their premises for new users, while securing well-being and balance between the different user groups.

The Sports Center’s location in the beautiful countryside also attracts many non-members, so steps have to be taken in order to increase its attractiveness for a wide range of sports enthusiastic public, as well as for individuals less engaged in sports activities.

A well-functioning running track and existing football pitches need to be supplemented with a wide range of facilities including an outdoor fitness centre, areas for speed, strength and agility training, two artificial turf pitches, along with areas for skating, parkour, basket, events, table tennis, beach volley and football golf.

Could the wished increase in outdoor activities provide an occasion of creating synergy between the many different future users?

Activity densification

The initial proposal of placing the new facilities on an empty area nearby the running track has the advantage of gathering all the new activities in the same spot. This, however, leaves the running track as a separate activity area, which creates an unbalanced use of the premises. Furthermore, required additional football training areas are lacking.

Grouped functions

Currently, the middle of the running track is poorly used. What if we grouped all the activities in the unused middle area?

By placing the new facilities in the unused middle, a dense activity zone framed by the running track is created, allowing the development of new football pitches in the unused empty area nearby.

Sports Valleys

By placing the soil from the excavations on the site in between the activity areas, a hilly landscape of tribunes, informal play and being together areas emerges. The hills frame the activity areas as intriguing ‘sports valleys’: visually interconnected, yet separated areas with each its specific activity, colour and outfitting.

The hills double as areas for warming up and training, as well as areas for social gathering also targeting users less engaged in physical activities.

Sports Multitude

The inner part of the running track is extended inwards to accommodate a warming track and a ‘rehabilitation path’.

A colourful mix of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ surfaces accommodates a wide range of activities, including organized strength, precision and motor skills fitness training, combined with self-organized street sports as an expression of a growing spontaneous sports culture.

The densified middle of the running track unites a magnificent multitude of different sports activities, gently framed by a generous ‘social’ landscape, which also provides a unique identity.

Client: Herlufsholm Sports Center/ Herlufsholm Idrætscenter

Program: Retrofit of club facilities, new sports activity areas, including outdoor fitness centre, areas for speed, strength and agility training, artificial turf pitches, areas for skating, parkour, basket, events, table tennis, beach volley and football golf

Year: 2015

Location: Herlufsholm Sports Centre, Næstved, Denmark

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Marcin Kruk, Henrik Ulsfort, Martina Skalicka

Status: Parallel assignment