Situated in the center of Odense, Denmark’s third-largest city, OKSon Park is home of Odense Comrades’ Sportsclub (OKS), a football club celebrated for some memorable cup matches in the 1980s when playing in the 2nd division of The Danish Football League, and renowned as ‘The Allotment Club’ due to the surrounding allotment gardens which provide a unique and peaceful atmosphere.

Regularly, the tranquil area turns into a hyperactive ant-like colony of hundreds of children performing their workout routines, and the level of activity growth occasionally even bigger, when up to 14 home football games are being played simultaneously on the club premises. The throng of children, adolescents and adults creates a uniquely intense ‘OKS environment’, which in turn calls for a retrofit of the facilities to welcome a wider range of users and support a more intensive usage of the area.

In response to the growing interest for physical and social activities, MUTOPIA has transformed the 40.000m2 football training area of OKS into a multifunctional sports park aimed at providing informal space for organized and self-organized activities at a central city location, while in the same time creating a new identity for OKS.

An artificial turf pitch standing up to heavy use, supplemented by a rainwater management system, has been added to the two existing grass football fields to provide a new much-needed robust, resilient and playable-in-all-weathers activity surface.

The adding of an extra football field reduces dramatically the surface available for other activities. In order to provide enough space for the multitude of future users, the area in-between the pitches has been structured to accommodate a multi-layered functionality for football, sports, exercise and play, while also staging an informal social space.

By combining the two Danish traditions for football and allotment gardens into a gabled-roof-house pavilion typology, a number of stimulating ‘sports-sheds’ emerge which root the project within the urban context of allotments and sheds, strengthen the sense of community, and boost the identity of OKS as a more inclusive, diverse and socially sustainable ‘Allotment Club’.

The ‘sports-sheds’ provide space for a diversity of sports and physical activities to improve physical and football skills, outdoor teaching, as well as opportunities for informal being-together. The ‘sports sheds’ are clustered into three ‘sports villages’ carefully distributed throughout the area to create alternatively opened and more intimate spaces which support individual as well as group training.  The three areas correspond to three programmatic activity zones, including football technique training, parkour and gymnastics.

The playful, turned and tumbled ‘sports sheds’ have been developed in close collaboration with the project stakeholders, future users and Lokale and Anlægsfonden (The Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities), to enable a more versatile and intensive usage of the area.

Client: Odense Comrades’ Sportsclub (OKS), Municipality of Odense, supported by the Danish Foundation for Sports and Culture Facilities and A.P.Møller og Hustru Chastine McKinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal

Program: Retrofit of 40.000m2 football training area, "sports sheds" and other sport facilities and ammenities for sport clubs and self organized activities, including football, sports, exercise and play

Budget: 10.5 mio kr

Year: 2012 - 2016

Location: Odense, OKSon Park

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Marcin Kruk, Madara Timrota, Kristoffer Michelsen

Status: Completed