Milky Way

Søndersø Idrætsland project area is situated in the Western part of the City of Søndersø, surrounded by beautiful nature, primary and secondary schools, as well as a number of sports and football club facilities.

The unique mix of users provides a fantastic potential for synergistic effects between sports, leisure and teaching across age and proficiency. The project agenda is hence twofold: the club facilities and central football field areas are retrofitted, while a number of new surrounding activity fields are added.

A new artificial grass football pitch is added for improved all-weather intensive usage. The new pitch will support the growing need of the football club for training areas, while in the same time providing an attractive training area for the nearby schools.

A number of new activity fields placed around the central football area provide a shared area of training and play for pupils and visitors. The new activity fields are shaped as the planets of the solar system to provide inspiration for both sports and learning, with each activity field providing a different themed environment which evokes the key characteristics of the corresponding planet.

A multi-purpose quality for each ‘planet’ is achieved by merging sports and learning features with planet profile facts. The valley networks of Mars become intriguing landscapes for climbing and playing, the heavily cratered surface of Mercury is turned into a bumpy area for football obstacle course and jogging, while the ‘icy’ gas atmosphere of Uranus is translated into a diaphanous grid structure to fulfil functions of stretching, climbing and play. Jupiter will provide a much needed extension to the existing sports hall with an accessible green roof.

Incorporating surplus construction soil into the activity fields enables the creation of vantage points. The ‘planets’ provide viewpoints over the flat surroundings, while their edges offer circular seating areas for spectator sports. The emergent continuous belt of ‘planets’ and ‘asteroids’ invites children to explore the surroundings beyond the school boundaries, interest or age: I’ll meet you on Mars!

The ‘Earth’ is shaped like a raised multi-purpose sports field for football, basketball, roller - and ice skating. An unfolded Earth map is projected upon the surface of the sports field to promote creative connections between topography and play. The edges of the sports field are demarcated by silhouettes of the major mountain ranges on the Earth’s land surface, providing seating and climbing opportunities corresponding to ‘real’ climbing routes.

Hovering in midair, the reflective PV-surface of the ‘Sun’ provides an emblematic overview of the activities for visitors and passers, as well as power for the entire surrounding area.

A 1.000m long glowing-in-the-dark running and obstacle path stretches across the entire area like an earthly Milky Way which unites all the individual 'planets' into one coherent sports ‘galaxy’.

Client: Municipality of Nordfyn, Søndersø Football Club, Nordfyns Gymnasium, Søndersø Skole

Program: retrofit of football club amenities, new sports activity areas for schools and sports clubs, new sports hal, total area 8.7ha

Year: 2014 -

Location: Søndersø, Nordfyn

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Marcin Kruk, Jolanta Szczepanik, Krzysztof Fornalewski

Status: Schematic design