The way we use our cities is increasingly determined by shifting habitual practices, ever changing interests - and moods. Sometimes we feel like interacting, sometimes we don’t.

Why not conceive public space as temporary, changing along with the changing needs of the users, while in the same time allowing different levels of interaction?

MUTOPIA has designed MIKADO, Denmark’s first interactive public space, on behalf of interviews with 100 potentiel users of Ørestad Nord, one of the newest town developments in the city of Copenhagen.

The different activities roomed by the blue arms criss-cross each other like giant Mikado sticks. The users of MIKADO have been given the possibility of deciding the future use and implementation of new activities at www.mikado-mob.dk.

Client: Ørestad Nord Gruppen

Program: Public Space, 2.600 m2

Year: 2005-2006

Location: between Københavns Universitet Amager and the IT University, Ørestad Nord, Copenhagen

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Per Mejer Johansen, Morten Jeppesen, Allan Lyth, Mette Sindet Hansen, Stine Keiding, Jens Brøndbjerg

Collaborators: Ørestadsselskabet, Nordea-Danmark Fonden, NCC

Status: Completed 2005