Midtfyns Multipark

Worn-out potential

Ringe Stadion is an athletics stadium in the city of Ringe on the island of Funen which also includes football pitches for the local football club Ringe Boldklub. Apart from the Sports Hall, primarily used for petanque, and the football fields, including an artificial turf pitch of recent date, the area and especially the stadium appear to be worn-out and outdated. In the same time, the central location of the facilities and the vicinity to MFC Leisure Centre (Midtfyns Fritidscenter) and 5 nearby schools are not brought into play.

Activity Mecca

The area could potentially be used by a larger and broader range of users, thereby becoming a natural gathering place for sports- and leisure activities for the whole city of Ringe, while in the same time meeting the high ambition level of the existing users, by becoming a Mecca of Activities for all ages, needs and interests.

Improved usage patterns

We want to make it possible for new user groups to become active by making place for new activities to co-exist side by side with the existing ones. New communities might emerge! Citizens who are not members of associations, clubs or other organizations demand high-quality leisure facilities. Flexibility, versatility and high quality are keywords for these many users and facilities for a wide range of different activities including running, CrossFit, roller skating, Nordic walking, cycling, and many more with an exercise&health, rather than a competitive, perspective.

To achieve this “multi” quality, three strategic areas of intervention have been identified in collaboration with the end users:

1. Street sports culture: adding several new functions, including skating rink, parkour, street basket, climbing walls, reflect a growing street sports culture, providing an inspiring and cohesive environment for interaction.

2. Modernized whole: the existing football fields and stadium provide the starting point for a retrofit of the rest of the existing worn-out facilities, which in turn will provide clubs and associations with attractive and contemporary facilities.

3. Synergi: the regeneration of the existing facilities aims at creating a vibrant and integrated athletics, street sports, play and exercise environment. Topography and vegetation will support differences in forms of use and intensities, and ensure space for both individuals, small and larger communities.


Paths and activity distribution create physical and visual connections between clubs and associations, urban and retail life and recreational environment, thereby securing connectivity between associations, city centre, nature and schools.

360° activities

To capitalize on the central location of The Leisure Centre, the new activities are distributed according to a 360° layout around the existing building complex, thereby providing a maximum of interaction with the adjacent facilities to all sides.

The budding strategy

MFC Leisure Centre’s different parts have developed over time as an outgrowth of functions. The benefit of this ‘budding strategy’ has been the supporting of an organic growth, where new buildings have been added according to rising needs. Could we use the same budding strategy as an effective tool to provide a growth framework with a unique capacity of absorbing new (and unknown) functions, while in the same time providing a new growth aesthetics, where everything goes, if it’s different?

A flexible growth aesthetics

The planned conversion of the Leisure Centre enables new functions to bud out from the existing complex, provides a new connection between the Eastern arrival and parking areas and the active part of the complex towards West, while in the same time activating the Northern part of the site by the addition of a clubhouse and several new functions including a people’s kitchen, café and lounge areas overlooking the stadium in direct connection to the new street sports area.

The 360° activity park is ‘wrapped’ around the complex connecting it to the athletics track.

The activity park is divided into themed areas to support synergy between the functions.

A wide variety of activity opportunities side by side, together with a strong integration of activity and break areas, makes it attractive for less active users like girls to participate on equal terms with the other user groups. The rugged edge of the activity park connects to the traditional grass activities in the area.

The ‘budding strategy’ applied to the development of both complex and activity park provides a flexible framework for growth capable of accommodating changing needs – add new activities when new needs arise! The resulting patchwork of activities has an almost collage like quality, where differences enhance each other, thus creating a new whole.

Client: Faaborg Midtfyn Kommune

Program: 15ha retrofit af athletics- and football stadium, street sports and clubhouse including  a people's kitchen and café

Year: 2017

Location: Ringe, Faaborg Midtfyn

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Andrea della Longa, Mara Tomulescu, Dimitrios Adamidis, Thomas Troels Lyhne

Budget: undisclosed

Status: Commission