Kildeparken, or ‘The Source’ as the people in Aalborg call it, is one of the oldest parks in the city of Aalborg, also enjoying the status as Aalborg’s first public park. The park features several classic works of famous sculptors, fountains that visitors can admire when strolling in the scenic areas close to the city centre, as well as a popular open-air stage which further contributes to the attractiveness of the area as a hotspot for events such as The Carnival.

MUTOPIA has created a multi-purpose activity and sports area situated in the corner of the park towards the station, which appeals to a wide range of different users, while in the same time contributing to the quality of the park as a year-round recreational environment. The multipurpose sports course allows many games and activities simultaneously. The organic shape creates activity and play areas on both sides of its edge, so that it's equally fun to be 'inside' as 'outside'.

The sports course is made of a modular system dubbed ‘InsideOut’, developed by MUTOPIA in close collaboration with outdoor play & playground equipment producers and young users. The modular elements are a new type of fiber-reinforced concrete mounted on an adaptable steel legs mounting system, which can be set up without the extensive use of concrete foundations.

Point foundations allow the module elements to 'hover', so that rainwater can run freely underneath without the need for establishing a drainage system. The 'floating' quality is further enhanced by the lighting integrated into the modules to create a continuous strip of light in the evening hours. An integrated loudspeaker- and Wi-Fi system transforms the course into an inclusive urban space for gathering also for those who are only watching, while the bespoke black&white colour scheme adds a graphic quality which beautifully integrates the course into the surroundings.

Client: Municipality of Aalborg

Program: Multipurpose sports course, football, basketball, floor hockey

Year: 2014

Location: Kildeparken, Aalborg, Denmark

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Marcin Kruk

Collaborators: Lars Laj

Budget: 1.2 mio. kr.

Status: Completed