Faaborg Archipelago

Danish Crown, Europe’s largest pig slaughtering business and the world’s largest exporter of pork, is closing down the 15.000 m² large slaughterhouse premises in Faaborg, and a revitalization of the prominent harbour site requires a master plan for the future development.

The closing down of the slaughterhouses provides a unique opportunity to boost the touristic potential of the town based on the rich outdoor experiences on land and sea offered by the nearby South Funen Archipelago, a unique area of 55 islands in the Baltic Sea popular with yachtsmen, water sports and nature enthusiasts.

How to structure the future development in a period of fierce competition from other harbour cities and cold water destinations, and how to deal with the seasonal fluctuations which make it difficult to create full-year jobs? What should the area become in a period where the urbanization of small cities is overpassed by the large cities’ growth? How to avoid creating a highly visible yet empty harbour development?


MUTOPIA’s proposal responds to the need for an economically and socially sustainable development of Faaborg’s waterfront area by uniting special interest tourism, wellness facilities and senior tourism program to provide an attractive mix of facilities for both town residents, tourists and the growing segment of senior tourists, focused on lifestyle travelling, health and high quality services combined with freedom, adventure and independence.

The multi-function quality will secure an active urban environment all year long, and provide a solid basis for a development rooted in the new patterns of mobility and lifestyle tourism.

Continuous harbour promenade

The Danish Crown premises separate the harbour promenade into two distinct parts, creating a barrier that blocks movement between the harbour areas.

The removal of the old slaughterhouses provides a great opportunity for transforming the site into an active link between the existing Marina towards West and the old fishing harbour towards East.

Harbour Park

By transforming the site into a Harbour Park uniting the two harbour areas, an attractive public space for both tourists and residents emerges. The new Harbour Park will host a wide range of permanent and temporary activities including sports and play areas, food markets and cultural events.

The Harbour Park consists of a mix of ‘programmed’ and ‘un-programmed’ areas. The mix responds effectively to changing needs and usage patterns. It accommodates temporary food- and commercial activities as well as support activities for the urban islands including smokehouses and glasshouses, sheepfolds and multipurpose sports areas.

Urban Archipelago

The required program is organized in four dense urban ‘islands’, floating in the public space ‘ocean’ of the Harbour Park. This roots the new development in the South Funen Archipelago of islands, while creating strong relations to the lifestyle in harmony with nature treasured by tourists and residents.

The Urban Archipelago is evocative of healthy lifestyle and fresh produce from land and sea.

The Urban Archipelago is evocative of beauty, adventure and free movement.

The Urban Archipelago is evocative of activity, charm and enjoyment of life.

The Islands

The urbanized islands are organized as dense urban environments based on the typical pitched roof housing typology. The pitched roof houses and the dense urban environments create a coherent whole with references to the old town, secure an effective site usage, while in the same time creating a memorable skyline.

Each island has harbour views towards either of the two harbours, and consists of a structure reflecting a specific function and identity: City Houses [holiday apartments, youth hostel and sports hall towards the fishing harbour, 4.000m2], Garden Houses [elderly housing and glasshouses towards the Marina, 4.500m2], Cluster Houses [Wellness/Spa Centre and hotel, 4.000m2] and Courtyard Houses [Health Centre, clinic, surgery, therapy, hotel, 5.000m2] in the middle.

In the future, the island structure can be extended in the harbour area to provide more attractive land for development at a prime location and further the extraordinary ‘island-hopping’ adventure.

The Fruit&Veg Windmills

The Faaborg Archipelago attracts visitors interested in trying out the different high-tech energy producing facilities, tourists charmed by the wide range of high quality locally produced organic produce, health tourists interested in relaxing or improving their health during a shorter or longer stay, health and rehab patients and their relatives, senior tourists in love with Funen, as well as enthusiasts willing to smoke their own fish.

Fruit&Veg Windmills provide energy for warming up the basins and saunas, for the outdoor lightning, as well as for powering mobile phones and gadgets. The windmills mark the market stalls and picnic areas, while contributing to the identity of The Faaborg Archipelago as a new area where people and nature meet and thrive.


The Urban Archipelago creates a flexible structure well suited for phased development and attractive for investments. It provides a strong framework for Private Public Partnerships aimed at the realization of service sector functions including health, elderly care and wellness. It provides a basis for public spaces co-financing through a collaborative effort between municipality, funds and cleantech industries. It invites local companies, authorities and stakeholders to actively participate in the process of co-creating a new urban area focused on nature experience as a shared value uniting health recovery and service.

Client: Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune/ Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn

Program: Masterplan for the revitalization of the former Danish Crown slaughterhouses harbour site, including Holiday Apartments (4.000m2), Elderly Housing (4.500m2), Wellness&Spa Centre (4.000m2) and Health Centre (5.000m2), along with a Harbour Park

Year: 2015

Location: Faaborg harbour area, Faaborg, Funen

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Marcin Kruk

Status: Competition