Docken Hotel is a proposal for a temporary hotel in Copenhagen’s Northern Harbour based on Urban Home Box, a prefab module system developed by MUTOPIA with a focus on ‘container housing’ as a strategy for generating identity and exciting opportunities for urban life in upcoming urban developments by means of temporary activities.

Urban Home Box, MUTOPIA's solution to the current housing shortage, unites the hotel's immediacy with Airbnb's homeliness in a flexible, customizable and sustainable module system which targets temporary living solutions for unused building sites. The components of the living unit can be easily transported, assembled on site, and quickly disassembled again to be moved to a new location, which makes it attractive for temporary activities like hotel, cultural activities or student housing.

The project, developed in two versions of 18 and 29 units, will provide much needed and highly attractive lodging, workshop and culture space to support the activities of Culture Docken, a former salt warehouse which has become a popular culture venue since 2006 by providing a spectacular site for conferences, theatre, concerts, exhibitions as well as corporate events.

In the same time, the project will support the development of the industrial harbour of Copenhagen, the biggest ongoing urban development in Copenhagen with a total capacity of 3.5 million square meters mixed residential and commercial programme, which will create space for 40.000 inhabitants and 40.000 work spaces by 2060.

The proposal reflects MUTOPIA’s interest for the temporary as a permanent urban condition capable of supporting diversity while absorbing changing needs and practices of usages, an agenda pursued from early projects like MIKADO Plaza and ØCITY Citypark, and up to the recently completed SPIRAL and X-House, projects all dealing with temporality, flexibility, identity and (changing) patterns of usage.

Client: Docken

Program: temporary hotel- and culture venue based on Urban Home Box, a flexible, customizable and sustainable module system which targets temporary living solutions

Location: Docken, Copenhagen Northern Harbour

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Andreea della Longa, Tommaso Gobbo, Dimitrios Adamidis, Giulia Ronco, Zosia Józefowicz

Collaborators: Lars Laj

Budget: undisclosed

Status: under development