City Park/ØCity 1

The City Park project is part of a larger strategy for the development of the public spaces of the downtown district of Ørestad City’s public spaces, the City Park and The Kay Fisker Plaza, named ØCity, The CITY OF ISLANDS.

The flexible matrix of round activity fields, created in 2005, has been developed in close dialogue with stakeholders and residents of this urban area.

Various themed "islands", distributed throughout the green carpet of the park, create areas with varying intensities, activities and characters to sustain social diversity and promote social interaction among the different interest groups of one of the newest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.

Client: Grundejerforeningen Ørestad City, Landowners' Association Ørestad City

Program: Urban Park, 70.000 m2

Year: 2005 -2008

Location: Ørestad City, Copenhagen

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Morten Jeppesen, Cathrine Thingstadengen, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen og Jørgen Hedrich

Collaborators: GHB Landskabsarkitekter, Moe & Brødsgaard, Ebbe Dalsgaard, Idébureauet 2+1, Hausenberg

Credits: Photographies courtesy CPH City & Port Development, By&Havn/Lene Skytthe and MUTOPIA

Status: Completed 2008, next phase development 2013