Assens Games

Assens Games is a follow up to MUTOPIA’s ‘Blue Ball Park’ project, aimed at the transformation of the former sugar factory site of Assens city into a fulcrum for public life.

The development of the former sugar factory area, initiated in 2011 with the construction of Arena Assens, a combined sports, fitness- and culture centre, provides great opportunities for the future development of Assens as a sports- and leisure city. MUTOPIA proposed to further this development by uniting sports, leisure and tourism related functions in a multifunctional sports park capable of offering citizens and visitors a wide range of amenities for sports, play and informal being together.

While maintaining the subdivision into independent but complementary activity areas, a number of new requests have subsequently emerged as to specifically develop the area close to the Arena Assens sports centre and The Townhall into a Multisport Experimentarium. Furthermore, there is a wish to extend the usage of the area towards encompassing cultural activities as well as a new clubhouse with facilities for the many sports associations.

The site is subdivided into two main activity areas with the new club house in the middle. Towards South, larger grass areas with tennis and football pitches provide a connection with the nearby nature areas. Towards North, The Experimentarium creates an ‘urban’ connection to the Town Hall, Assens Sports Centre and the ‘Pulse’ activity area.

The Experimentarium consists of a number of multi-purpose activity fields with historical references to Assens-born sea hero Peter Willemoes. The themed multi-purpose fields support both circuit training, as well as independent physical activities, and encourage visitors to embark on a ‘sports journey’ by following in the footsteps of the famous Danish naval officer: The Battle of Copenhagen, The Sea Academy, The Wave, The Compass, The Sea Battle and The Harbour.

To further enhance the multi-use functionality, each field is designed to respond to a functional mix of sports and culture activities. Each field is provided with a protection fence towards the road with customized sections. The fence components have maritime identities, to enhance the quality of bordering on the sea: buoys as bouncing swings, ropes for climbing, gymnastics and seating with a view, lifesavers for climbing and target shooting etc.

As opposed to the more ‘urban’ Northern area, the Southern part consists of a hilly grass landscape which provides a shield from the predominant Western wind and the heavy car traffic, combined with rainwater flood protection. A number of rainwater gardens and mussel shell channels combined with football golf areas create a dynamic public space.

The clubhouse consists of two ‘green waves’ topped by a multi-purpose sports field. The two waves, corresponding to the programmatic separation between common areas towards the sports centre and changing facilities towards the street, create a passage between city and nature, while in the same time providing seating for the football spectators. The area in-between the two waves doubles as a gate and a covered terrace, while the multi-purpose field above offers opportunities of playing and warming up with a great view over the nearby nature and harbour areas.

The different multi-purpose fields will support a wide range of culture and sports related events. The Danish street football championships and the Funen Archipelago football championship, soon followed by the game of the year event, could be the first steps towards consolidating The Assens Games as Denmark’s biggest multi-sports event.

Client: Arena Assens

Program: Retrofit of industrial area, including football, tennis and sports club facilities as well as a wide range of outdoor sports facilities for Arena Assens, along with a Townhall Plaza and rainwater gardens, clubhouse 350m2, total gross floor area 45ha

Year: 2015 -

Location: Assens, Fyn, Denmark

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Marcin Kruk, Andrea Hernandez, Ana Barbosa

Status: Commission, under development