Dialogue management software

In order to enable interactive knowledge exchange, make the language of urban planning accessible to everyone, and structure dialog into useable data for the building industry, MUTOPIA has developed U_BUILD, a web-based process – and dialogue management software tool which enables stakeholders to contribute to building- and urban development projects by means of 3D real time technology.

U_Build enables users and potential buyers to view a dynamic 3D representation of a building or urban area under development, inter-act, make proposals, access news and receive updates regarding the ongoing development of the project.

Post-it clouds are info- and meeting points, where users can submit proposals and comment on each others notes.

The different contributions, opinions and input from the different debate areas can be ordered and categorized according to chosen parametres, and the data can be transformed into useful information for the further development process by means of statistic representations and search functions.

U_Build can be customized according to different project sizes and needs of the client, and new elements can be added to match the specific projects’ needs and agenda.

U_Build supports all the common 3D file formats.

In response to the increasing use of the internet and IT technology for visualization and social interaction, and the increasing expectation for active involvement in the development of urban environments, U_BUILD offers a multi-user virtual forum, where ideas can inter-act and influence urban development.

Beyond being a platform for optimizing the development and decision processes, and creating increased identity and quality of the built environment, U_BUILD also represents a (technological) materialization of MUTOPIA's vision for participatory planning: a means of achieving sustainable development and user driven innovation of cities by combining top-down strategies with bottom-up participatory governance.

Client: Building Lab, Realdania

Year: 2007- 2009

Team: Kristina Adsersen, Serban Cornea, Lasse Pedersen, Cathrine Thingstadengen, Mia Berggren Andersen, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen

Collaborators: 3Dfacto, Grontmij I Carl Bro, Building Lab, Infill, Karch, DAC, IO Interactive, Kuben, FSB Bolig, NCC

Status: U_Build software for sale