Decision mapping tools

The DESIGN BOARD is a decision mapping, communication and design tool, to be used internally for improving the workflow of 3Dfacto, an IT company specialized in the production of configurators, as well as for improving communication with 3Dfacto's customers.

The DESIGN BOARD is part of a designtool family - a product family that adapts to support the different workflows in the process - in the meeting space, at the customer's office, in the office landscape, when training new employees and at your own workdesk, while in the same time contributing to 3Dfacto's identity.

Client: 3Dfacto/ Creative Partnership - Diginet

Sted: DAC 2008

Team: Kristina Adsersen, Serban Cornea, Cathrine Thingstadengen, Lasse Pedersen, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen

Collaborators: Barlby Carlsson