1:1 laboratories

Urban development can provide an unexpected dialogue platform for questioning decisions, unveiling new practices, and exploring new patterns of use.

A central concept for investigating shifting habitual practices is the concept of temporality applied to the urban environment as a new quality to be incorporated within the public space, thereby turning public space into a dynamic zone of negotiations able to accomodate change.

While projects like LifeNerve and Citypark are dealing with the concept of temporality by providing groups of interest with possibilities of changing their living environment according to changing needs, Temporary Public Spaces (TPS) take advantage of the building process in yet another way, by using the building sites of tomorrow as public spaces of today.

More than providing the residents of the areas under construction with outdoor recreational facilities during the entire period of the urban development, TPS display intriguing, unusual interventions, which involve the citizens in the process of defining the urban environment, thereby acting like 1:1 laboratories for urban life.

Client: Ørestad Nord Gruppen

Program: Temporary Public Spaces, a strategy for development of the public space of Ørestad Nord, Copenhagen

Year: 2005 - 2010

Location: Ørestad Nord, Copenhagen

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen

Status: ongoing