Urban Crown

Perforating the building mass with light slots down to the minimum building height transforms a generic perimeter block into a unique urban crown: a series of interconnected tapered tower-shaped neighborhoods which allow architecture to embrace urban qualities of social and spatial interaction.

This ‘opening act’ welcomes light, includes multiplicity, and provides identity. It transforms the two-sided block into a multi-faceted collective urban presence which creates exciting streets. It substitutes the passive sense of security of the closed gated community with the active ‘see and be seen’ interaction of a safe yet open structure. It allows for new apartment typologies with fantastic corner views and improved light conditions.

Shuffling the towers’ heights and positions according to orientation improves views, brings more light into the courtyard, and creates an attractive differentiation of the building mass. The in-between spaces accommodate community terraces close to ground level which maximize public life and contribute to an urban condition at human scale. Open galleries stimulate a lively courtyard environment, where car parking under ‘hills’ secures generous green community areas.

Client: Masshtab Developement Company

Program: Residential urban block, floor area 28.000m2 exclusive infrastructure and balconies, part of “Project A101”  – a new town of around 150.000 people and 13 million m2 of housing located south of Moscow

Year: 2010

Location: Moscow, Russia

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Stefania Addis, Lorenzo Parrot, Malene Bergenstoff Jensen

Status: A101 Urban Block international competition, selected for development, exhibited at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibition LIVING/frontiers of Architecture III-IV