In a period where everybody tries to hunt down experiences as authentic and original as possible, could this quest for originality be used for something more than just recreating the past as pastiche?

The surfaces of the pyramids used to offer privileged views over the entire Giza area, as well as the possibility to take a walk-on-history tour. Why not stage the visitor as the archeologist walking on the inclined slope of the "excavation site"- a new Grand Stair enabling both contact with the surroundings and the city of Cairo, while in the same time providing access to the exhibition behind?

This spatial organization provides the museum with a 5 stories high shaded display hall, exceptional orientation and views, a make-your-own-route kind of free access to the exhibition, and access from the entire exhibition area to the hanging gardens of the leisure level above.

Inclination not as nostalgia but as organizational strategy!

Client: Egyptian Ministry of Culture

Program: The Great Egyptian Museum

Year: 2002

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Niels Grønbæk, Ulrik Raysse, Jesper Kort, Mads Dam, Poul Erik Christensen

Collaborators: Erik Reitzel Consulting Engineer

Status: Competition, published