Springcenter Nærheden

In the world of abundance and opportunity of the leisure society, new forms of interaction and community are needed. Sport has an important place in our culture, and it can potentially become a catalyst for diverse activity and public life in new residential areas like NærHeden, a 65ha upcoming suburban development in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

The new Jumping Center will provide an inspiring meeting and training environment for the different sports associations of the Municipality of Høje Taastrup and the nearby school, while in the same time supporting organized and self-organized activities as part of ‘The Loop’, which will bring together all central functions, community recreational facilities, rainwater collection, ponds and tree clusters into a unifying recreational infrastructure & landscape belt.

The required building volume is subdivided into 4 programmatic ‘dices’ relating to the scale of the surrounding urban fabric. By ‘pushing’ the dices into the sloping terrain, a 360° relationship to the surroundings is established: the first floor of the building ‘opens up’ to meet the park and wetlands towards East, while the ground floor overlooks the park and arrival area towards West. This ensures a high degree of interaction between the upcoming centre and the surrounding areas, turning the building into a true beacon of public life.

The 4 ‘dices’ meet around the tower in the middle of the building, where a central lounge area provides overview over all the main activity areas. The different halls are placed as self-sufficient volumes at different heights, to enhance the visual contact between the different activities. High placed windows in the Spring Hall allow passers-by to look down into the hall, and watch the ‘flying athletes’ from above.

The Spring Hall is the main activity area of the building, where running tracks and trampoline areas, together with a massive foam pit, are situated.  A configurable ‘superfurniture’ grid placed along the inner façade provides several other possibilities for sports activities – gymnastics, strength training, massage, rehabilitation training. A lively environment emerges: sport is a great way to keep fit and healthy while having lots of fun!

The tower features both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. A public staircase enables access to the tower’s top with great views of the entire area and the recreational facilities of ‘The Loop’.

Client: Høje Taastrup Kommune

Program: 2.250m2, Gymnastics&Jumping Center

Year: 2015-2017

Location: Nærheden, Copenhagen, Denmark

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Ana Riesco, Andrea Hernandez, Ana Barbosa

Collaborators: C.C. Contractor, Cubo Arkitekter, Midtconsult

Budget: 35 mio. kr.

Status: 1st prize at restricted tender competition, completed