Pond Apartment

The client’s fascination with the beauty of nature and the play of light, as captured by Monet in the “Jardin d’Eau” and the world renowned Nympheum, provides a conceptual starting point for a home with the qualities of nature.

Due to the existing layout and the reduced facade contact, the apartment is receiving a small amount of daylight. Removing the existing non-load bearing kitchen wall and replacing it with a glass wall will visually open the space and provide daylight in the living room area.

The replacement of the kitchen wall with a glass partition produces an increase of daylight in the living room area. To achieve a better result, mirror surfaces are applied vertically throughout the entire apartment on all walls, door surfaces, kitchen cabinet doors, as well as wrapping the central load bearing column. As a result, a significant 33,3% daylight increase is achieved.

Round furniture supports flexibility as well as a sense of spatial continuity. It provides overview by means of wall continuity, as well as a feeling of a pleasing and inviting space. The two existing armchairs are upholstered with a textured linen-like multi floral pattern, and a mix of new and vintage cylindrical storages, sofa and puffs with integrated storage create, together with the transformed armchairs, an informal and relaxing environment.

In the living room, the glass blocks wall is letting daylight into the bathroom. The grid-structure of the glass wall is consistent with the structure of the glass wall partition dividing the kitchen/living room. The greenery is placed on the apartment’s walls, hanging from the ceiling and as pot plants placed on the floor and furniture.

The kitchen furniture is coated with a reflective mirror surface to intensify the feeling of greenery and daylight. High resistance safety glass featuring nature patterns substitutes the existing tiles to provide a sense of continuity with the botanic wall paper used in the rest of the apartment.

The reflective surfaces from the kitchen cabinets blend with the glass wall and the hanging terrariums, giving a feeling of a light and reflective space, while in the same time creating a more intense effect of greenery. Trellis espaliers placed against the glass partitions between neighboring terrace spaces provide a possibility of hanging greenery during the summer period, thereby contributing to more privacy.

A thin layer of turquoise epoxy resin is applied over the existing parquet and tiles to obtain a glossy and reflective surface. The colored resin together with the round carpets are recalling the concept of the pond, while intensifying the play of light and atmospheric reflections created in the apartment.

The open layout enables an overview of the entire apartment. Carpets as water lilies, together with the peripheral greenery and the play of light frame a liquid and joyous living environment with the vibrant and atmospheric qualities of nature.

Client: Undisclosed

Program: transformation of apartment

Year: 2018-

Location: Paris 15th, France

Team: Serban Cornea, Henrik Ulsfort, Cornelia Cheaburu, Paula Bacosca

Budget: undisclosed

Status: assignment, under development