Media Spiral

The proposal for The Stockholm Public Library is both a spatial figure and an organizational strategy to meet and accommodate changes: THE SPIRAL.

In The New Library, the users, media and staff entwine along an urban structure consisting of a MEDIA STREET and PLAZAS to form a highly dynamic, inspiring and efficient whole: a programmatic DNA.

Terracing THE SPIRAL inwards towards ground level provides The New Library with a small footprint, thereby creating a spectacular covered plaza and an improved visual contact with the Asplund Library. By “skewing” the bottom of The Spiral, a grand main entrance is created, while the library park, hill and Odenplan are connected as one continuous public space.

A SKY PLAZA offers access to the Observatoriekullen hill, a fantastic view over the city of Stockholm, and a breathtaking view of the library’s 9 stories high central lobby underneath.

Client: City of Stockholm

Program: Stockholm Public Library, total gross floor area 27.445m2

Year:  2006

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Sue Ling Choong Knudsen, Ingrid Dalseg, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen, Jørgen Hedrich

Collaborators: Carl Bro Consulting Engineers

Status: Competition