Gethsemane cityLIFEchurch is to become a catalyst for urban life and sport related activities to support local self-organized sport tendencies, while strengthening Litauens Plazas role as the most significant sport promoting public space of the Vesterbro city area.

Gethsemane Church will achieve a new active role for the local community as meeting place and generator for urban life by communicating, organizing and hosting sport and health related issues and activities.

The project proposes a programmatic organization into three complementary interconnected activity areas: Multispace, Club Associations and Open Floor, each enhancing the spatial potentials of the church, both internally and in respect to courtyard and public spaces.

The connections between activity areas act as a dramatic continuation of the sports – and park environment of the Litauens Plaza within the church: a ‘Sport Forest’ with ‘roots’ and ‘treecrowns’, creates a variety of niches and alcoves to accommodate play, study, social and sport related activities.

Client: Center for Sports Architecture

Program: Adaptive re-use of Gethsemane Church

Year: 2008

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Cathrine Thingstadengen, Linda Villenueva Jensen, Mia Berggren Andersen, Thora Margretardottir, Francesca Ruggiu

Collaborators: Buro Happold Engineers

Status: Competition, 2nd prize