FrederiksborgCentret is a dynamic focal point for culture and sport, renowned in the whole area of North Zealand for showcasing a wide range of events including sports, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and conferences, and with a level activity which has been steadily increasing over the past ten years. The 8.800m2 large addition to FrederiksborgCentret is a powerful infusion of functionality, which will allow for events at unprecedented scale. The extension will accommodate and facilitate large concerts and sports competitions with up to 4.000 spectators, by providing a solid and flexible framework geared to a changeable future with ever-increasing events.

Shaped as a Golden Cube featuring a dark top and a golden volume on a concrete base, the new extension will accommodate a large sports hall, a VIP lounge, skyboxes for VIP guests, conference rooms, a gym and a sports youth hostel, all connected by a linear two-stories high foyer overlooking the arrival plaza, which also provides an efficient direct connection to the rest of the existing building complex. The gold-plated metal façades create a strong and unifying identity for the entire complex, providing references to both the existing FrederiksborgCenter with its golden tile facades, as well as to the facades of the upcoming HealthCenter, parts of which will also be golden.

To counterbalance the large volume of the sports hall, the rest of the program, including foyer, skyboxes, administration, fitness and hostel, is ‘wrapped’ around it in an L-shaped wing, thereby creating a smaller scale transition to the neighbouring buildings and the arrival plaza shaped as a ‘functional activity landscape’ which combines the characteristic tarmac and nature qualities of the surroundings. 57 meters long beams with a load bearing structure situated outside the interior of the hall itself ensure optimal flexibility and maximum visibility from all the seats of the 2.500m2 large sports hall.

The plaza is the focal point of the area providing an attractive ‘address’ to each of the surrounding buildings. Kiss & Ride and handicapped parking are centrally located, so that the plaza can efficiently handle intense traffic flow at peak hours, while also enhancing the experience of arriving at an active urban space which provides overview and a sense of ‘grandeur’. Kiss & Ride is designed compact and displaced slightly to the south, allowing for a large space adjacent to the main entrance capable of handling large numbers of visitors, as well as securing space for three activity areas as active gathering points, where you meet for warming up before jogging in the nearby green wedge, play ball after training, or simply sit down to enjoy a little break while looking at the surrounding activities.

The activity areas of the square are marked by a pattern of white thermoplastic strips to indicate combined walking- and staying zones. 4 grass hills planted with birch and rowan create a delicate sense of intimacy. Together with trees in clusters which preserve views towards main entrances and walking areas, they mark the beginning of the green sports wedge on the continuous urban asphalt carpet of the plaza. Rainwater collection doubles as skating areas, and light concrete stone plinths provide seating and motivate to play, skating and movement.

In the evenings, the expanded metal façade cladding will let the light from the building slip out through the perforations, with LED lighting set behind the metal making the building glow against the sky, while the light from the open façade of the wooden-clad foyer will light up the arrival plaza, creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. At the entrance towards Milnersvej road, a large screen incorporated in the façade will communicate to the passers-by the intense activity of this new sports- and culture powerhouse.

Client: Municipality of Hillerød

Program: 8.800m2 sports & culture venue, including 2.500m2 sports hall, administration, gym, VIP lounge and skyboxes, conference rooms and facilities, sports youth hostel

Year: 2017-

Location: FrederiksborgCentret, Hillerød, North Zealand

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Henrik Ulsfort, Andrea Hernandez, Ana Barbosa

Collaborators: C.C.Contractor, Aarstiderne Arkitekter, Midtconsult Engineers

Budget: 115 mio DKR/15.5 mio EU

Status: First prize at invited turnkey competition, under construction