Cloud is a sustainable mixed-use building which explores the advantages of high density by uniting residential program, flexible rental space and attractive (semi) public areas into a "twisted" block with round courtyards.

The corners of the building block are raised to create a continuous covered public plaza below and a spectacular sloping roofscape above.

The green and wavy roofscape is a sloping communal park, a social space of exchange providing recreational areas and allotment gardens, views of the surrounding city, as well as ecological sustainability. The energy consumption of the block is reduced by the green roof, which contributes to the gathering of rainwater, and features a windmill park which generates light for the public plaza beneath.

The round courtyards offer unique daylight qualities and a high degree of privacy and visual openness.

All apartments have balconies facing south with integrated sun cells, fantastic views towards both city and round courtyards with different identities, and a close contact to urban and outdoor life.

Client: Undisclosed

Program: Mixed-use building block, total gross floor area 38.000 m2 including 225 apartments, office and retail space, underground parking

Year: 2006

Location: Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Allan Lyth, Jens Brønsbjerg, Ann Christiansen, Ingrid Dalseg, Nanna Jee Lind Eriksen, Sue Ling Choog Knudsen, Jørgen Hedrich og Cathrine Thingstadengen.

Collaborators: Moe&Brødsgaard Consulting Engineers

Status: On hold