Bibiana Children's House

Bibiana Children's House will provide a permanent site for Danish children literature and culture.

Dedicated to promoting children’s fantasy and ability to ‘fabricate’ new realms and realities, BIBIANA aims at providing a progressive and individualized learning environment for children of all ages within an international environment inspired by the collaboration with BIBIANA – House of Art for Children Bratislava.

An open book releasing world stories provides a simple yet powerful organizational concept. The book cover becomes the circulation and service wall binding together the pages of the book - the spaces of the house which open onto the surrounding park.

BIBIANA HOUSE unites the efficiency of the exhibition center with the easy accessibility of the pavilion situated in scenic surroundings. The open book concept, with the pages/books connected into a continuous spatial sequence, provides flexible space usage: the spaces can be used as joined areas of activity, or independently, according to changing needs. In the same time, each room provides unique exhibition and work environments with individual orientations, light conditions and views.

Play is a fundamental element in children’s’ learning process. BIBIANA HOUSE uses the surrounding landscape as an active element to support the primary learning function of the building. By ‘dissolving’ the building into a number of seemingly independent pavilions integrated in the topography of the site, a strong relationship between inside and outside, intimacy and exposure, is created.

The simple expression, along with the close relation to nature, are Scandinavian qualities known from world-famous Danish architecture icons such as Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. BIBIANA HOUSE carries on this tradition, and re-interprets it by using the power of the narrative to create a playful new world for children.

Client: BIBIANA Denmark

Program: House for Children's Literature and Culture, total gross floor area 500m2

Year: 2014 -

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Marcin Kruk, Krzysztof Fornalewski, Jolanta Szczepanik

Collaborators: MOE

Status: commission