BABYLON is a sustainable building typology with a low energy consumption, natural ventilation and a green identity.

BABYLON collects a wide range of apartments around a communal green garden space with both public areas and private green niches.

BABYLON provides the urban residence with panorama views, a garden right outside the door, as well as a space of social interaction all year round.

The BABYLON prototype can be adjusted to meet different urban contexts and programme.

Program: Sustainable building block with tempered 3d park, total floor area 10.000m2

Year: 2009

Team: Serban Cornea, Kristina Adsersen, Francesca Ruggiu, Søren Gyerfas Brahe, Sima Nordberg, Ilva Cimermane, Linda Villenueva Jensen, Morten Leicht Jeppesen

Collaborators: Moe&Brødsgaard Consulting Engineers

Status: Prototype