MUTOPIA is a Copenhagen-based architectural practice committed to providing innovative living solutions by bringing together sustainability and co-creation.

MUTOPIA was founded in 2005 by Serban Cornea and Kristina Jordt Adsersen. The products of the close collaboration between the 2 principal architects include designs and studies in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design, as well as a number of dialogue management- and communication tools.

Early projects based on active stakeholders involvement such as MIKADO PLAZA, The K- Masterplan for The White Meat City and ØCity/CityPark have brought MUTOPIA to the attention of a wide range of private and public clients, and reached international acclaim.

The radical proposal for a new sustainable high-rise typology Vertical Hutong has reached an international audience at venues including Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Stockholm, Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, and Shanghai Expo 2010, thereby showcasing worldwide MUTOPIA’s engagement in the development of sustainable communities and the creation of cities and buildings with optimum performance as regards welfare, modern lifestyle and climate-stabilizing solutions.

MUTOPIA’s projects insist on incorporating the DNA of the end users into each project as a basis for innovation. The resulting architectural and urban designs promote spatial and social interaction and exchange through the invention of new programmatic content and scenarios for a rich and diversified everyday life.

MUTOPIA takes a pivotal role in the development processes by mapping out existing situations and agendas, outlining scenarios, processing and working in stakeholders’ feedback, and translating the outcome into clear-cut concepts. The concepts provide a basis for beneficial relationships between the project stakeholders, and shape an interactive space of dialog and evolution.

MUTOPIA’s projects are results of collaborative development processes based on communicating with a wide range of professional and non-professional stakeholders. This is why we have extended our practice towards encompassing the development and production of dialogue tools, and tailoring of development processes to support active involvement of human capital as “social energy”.

Diversity, needs and potentials stimulate the process of alchemical transformation into radical solutions, which provide sustainability as an integrated part of the final architectural and urban design.

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