Kristina Adsersen to speak at Byens Ejendom Conference

Kristina Adsersen is to speak at Byens Ejendom Conference on the 31st of March. Byens Ejendom (The City’s Property) is the largest provider of information on urban development in Denmark.

Kristina Adsersen will discuss MUTOPIA’s design and subsequent impact of the proposal for the transformation of CPH’s Train Station into a drive-in Bike Station, as well as designing for the growing population of Denmark’s capital city, as part of the overall DKR 8 billion investment in the urban development of central Copenhagen.

MUTOPIA’s proposal for the transformation of the Central Station into a multi-modal train&bike hub creates a new symbiosis between bike and train aimed at encouraging bike commuting as an efficient and appealing solution to the massive traffic increase in Copenhagen.

Other speakers include Jesper Damgård, CEO Capital Investment, Ole Bach, Director Kvæsthusselskabet, Michael Bruhn, Director Pfa Ejendomme as well as Lars Liebst, CEO Tivoli.

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