MUTOPIA’s CityPark case study for ACTAR PUBLISHERS

MUTOPIA’s CityPark project is featured as case study of co-creative strategies in ‘Public Space Acupuncture’, a recently released book by ACTAR which analyses innovative urban strategies on catalytic interventions aimed at activating, balancing and revitalizing urban life.

In a time of economic crisis and rapid urbanization, public spaces have become crucial regulators of co-habitation requiring innovative strategies for their creation, design and management in order to secure flexible and adaptable solutions to any urban and social context.

MUTOPIA’s 7ha large CityPark, completed in 2008 and further densified in the latest years, consists of a matrix of round activity ‘islands’ allowing the production of public space ‘à la carte’. The CityPark has been developed through a creative process of collaboration to secure an effective response to users’ needs, and support the emergence of a collective feeling and belonging to one of the newest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.

ACTAR PUBLISHERS is a leading Barcelona and New York based publisher of groundbreaking books in architecture, graphic design, and contemporary art, focused on works and individuals at the forefront of contemporary praxis and theory who affect the character of current research and practice and its relationship to the larger societal context.

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