Kildegården masterplan proposal transforms former army barracks into a culture powerhouse

MUTOPIA, in collaboration with Rubow Arkitekter and Midconsult Engineers, have developed the Kildegården masterplan proposal for the transformation of the former army barracks area of Roskilde into a culture, sport and leisure powerhouse.

In addition to the transformation of the existing barracks area, our masterplan also includes the addition of new residential program, a Sports&Jumping Centre and The House of Art, which aims at providing facilities for art and educational activities for individuals, associations, as well as for evening classes and Roskilde Municipality’s Art School.

In order to further develop the identity of Kildegården as a historically unique place, our approach was a combination of preservation and strengthening of the urban and nature axis which define the area and its relation to the surroundings. The two axis also define the main areas of intervention, by combining ‘high and low intensity’ areas with white ‘acupuncture’ interventions and a visible rainwater harvesting system leading to a centrally located sunken sports field which doubles as a grand scene and flood controlling water plaza.

The House of Art combines the baroque axial symmetry of the barracks with the recreational qualities of the nearby romantic park into a generous building which promotes cross-cultural creative meetings, exchange and interaction both inside and out. The roof of the building connects the urban and natural realms with a new public space whose topography creates an accessible landmark which supports organized and self-organized activities, from skate ramps to picnic terraces, intimate scene, informal seating and grandstands.

The interior is defined by the spectacular curved ceiling, the light concrete floor and tile-clad white facades, which provide a simple and robust framework for art as centre for social interaction across age and interest groups, thereby transforming the building into a creative beehive.

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