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SPARK sparked off

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Project stakeholders spark off the next development level of MUTOPIA’s concept for a sports park in central Odense dubbed ‘Spark’.

The park will feature a double layered functionality, comprising sports, football, exercise and play, while also staging an informal open social space for users of different age and interest.

The multifunctional quality is secured by a number of gable house shaped pavilions which root the project within the surrounding context of allotment gardens, strengthen the sense of community, and provide a unique identity.

The all-inclusive process of involving end users, experts and stakeholders provides invaluable feedback for the further design process through a unique combination of integrated physical and virtual means of involvement ranging from workshops to internet-based dialogue facilitated by U_Build, MUTOPIA’s web based dialogue tool.

Spark is scheduled to open May 2013.

Client counts OKS (Odense Comrades’ Sportsclub), Odense Municipality and Lokale- og Anlægsfonden (The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities).

U_Build University launched

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

MUTOPIA launches U_Build University, an internet-based platform to visualize and manage the moving of staff and functions during the process of re-building of universities.

U_Build University is a follow-up to U_Build, MUTOPIA’s web-based dialogue- and process management tool, designed to ensure more effective moving processes while minimizing their impact on the university staff. U_Build University is launched during summer 2011 at The University of Copenhagen – Southern Campus.

Academic and technical personnel at universities are facing a large number of moving processes in the upcoming years as a result of the new reform of the Danish research- and university sector. Due to rebuilding processes and the new mergers, large numbers of employees will shift to new working environments.

In the same time, the education of highly qualified workforce and the production of new knowledge within the university sector are significant for future Danish competitiveness worldwide.

U_Build University targets an improvement of the working environment by means of user involvement and technology support, aiming at reducing time consumption, expenses and stress caused by lack of overview and coordination of large scale moving process, thereby securing a greater and sharpened focus on research and education.

U_Build University is economically supported by University of Copenhagen and The Danish PWT Foundation – Investments in Public Welfare Technology (ABT-fonden) – The Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs as a part of the program directed towards developing and improving public sector services through the implementation of labour-saving technologies and more efficient working processes.

Serban Cornea expert at The Danish Architects’ Association´s yearly meeting

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Serban Cornea will participate as an expert at The Danish Architects’s
Association’s yearly meeting 2010 entitled ‘Moving Sustainability by Design:
New Activities New Design New Energy’.
The conference, consisting of a series of workshops and a seminar, addresses
the issue of how  sustainable architecture and planning can support  the
motivation to exercise  and better long-term health conditions, in
response to the general decreasing of physical activity and the increasing
energy consumption of Danish sport halls and facilities.

Leading Danish and international practitioners will discuss possible
solutions for new sport facilities or the improvement of existing ones at
specific city, suburban and rural sites during a series of workshops the 4th
of November.
The outcome of the workshops will be presented as a starting point for a
debate with architects, researchers, urban planners and politicians on new
ways of integrating sustainability, sport and architecture at a conference
at Aarhus School of Architecture the 5th of November.

See also The Danish Architects’ Association webpage.

Sustainable Metro

Monday, June 8th, 2009

MUTOPIA is adviser for the Municipality of Copenhagen and Metroselskabet on sustainability and temporary public spaces for the 17 urban areas which will be affected by the extension of the Copenhagen Metro City Ring.

Physical, social and economical advantages offered by implementing sustainable solutions and temporary public spaces have been discussed with Kristina Adsersen at a workshop organized by ‘Byens netværk’.