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MUTOPIA’s scenarios create added value for culture buildings

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Danish Agency for Culture’s latest ‘Culture Buildings’ publication features MUTOPIA’s Jersie School project as an untraditional creative example of added value through scenario work.

Jersie School, a 6.600m2 large school situated in the Municipality of Solrød, South of Copenhagen, has to close due to pupil shortage. The remaining pupils will be moved to Uglegårdsskolen, and the empty school buildings are ready for new uses.

In spite of the good accessibility, finding a new tenant is challenging in a time where there is no shortage of unused space on the real estate market.

What kind of futures can be imagined?

As an effective method to visualize future development possibilities and provide basis for new initiatives and partnerships to support the school transformation, MUTOPIA has developed a number of scenarios for the adaptive re-use of the shutdown school, in collaboration with real estate firm Colliers International.

The ‘Culture Buildings’ catalogue aims at uncovering means of optimizing the usage of existing Danish culture buildings, including reduction of maintenance costs, space optimization as well as new business models and partnerships to secure increased revenues.

The ‘Culture Buildings’ catalogue has been developed through a collaboration between the Danish Agency for Culture (Kulturstyrelsen), The Danish Association of Construction Clients DACC (Bygherreforeningen) and MUTOPIA.

Jersie School scenarios:

‘Wild bike projects’ praised by The Danish Cyclists’ Federation

Friday, November 21st, 2014

MUTOPIA’s wide range of proposals for the development of Danish cities towards becoming fossil-free in 2050 win critical praise in the Danish media.

In response to the ever-increasing tendency to using bicycles for real transportation as an alternative to driving, MUTOPIA has put forward a number of radical proposals for optimizing the infrastructure and biking experience, including skycyle lanes and vertical bikeparking in dense city areas, combined with bike&ride parking at central stations and multi-modal transportation hubs.

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation’s director Klaus Bondam is enthusiastic about the resourcefulness of MUTOPIA’s ‘wild bike projects’, which urge action to consolidate the bicycle as a central element in the process of transition towards a green society.

Lillebælt Living Bridge and Middelfart 2050 in the press

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

MUTOPIA’s proposal for the green transition of Middelfart towards becoming a Cleantech City in 2050 attracts media attention.

MUTOPIA’s proposals for Middelfart, which include the transformation of the old Lillebælt into an energy-producing living brige, as well as the creation of Middelfart Reef, a combined storm water protection, natural habitat and touristic attraction, are highlighted as ‘valuable contributions’ to the development of the city by mayor Steen Dahlstrøm.

TIVOLI SkyCycle lanes and Cityhall vertical bikeparking in the press

Friday, November 7th, 2014

MUTOPIA’s DK2050 innovative proposals for improving infrastructure and urban environments receive massive coverage in the Danish press.

A SkyCycle lane above the popular Tivoli amusement park, a combined vertical garden and parking for 2500 bikes wrapped around Copenhagen City Hall, along with self-sustainable ‘circle-districts’ with integrated food and energy production, are among the highlights.

DK2050 national launch

Friday, November 7th, 2014

MUTOPIA partners Serban Cornea and Kristina Jordt Adsersen have presented the final results of DK2050 for a 200 people large audience at the national conference ‘Future opportunities – Today’s actions’.

There is more than one road leading to a greener Denmark. Will the transformation be state driven, or will municipalities, citizens and private companies become major driving forces?

4 scenarios for Denmark in 2050, developed through a unique co-creative collaboration between MUTOPIA, 10 Danish Municipalities, Regions and advisors, including Damvad and Kairos Future, present 4 different futures for Denmark, on its way towards becoming a fossil-free society.

MUTOPIA has headed the overall architectural production of DK2050, while also being co-curators of the project along with the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC).

DK2050 has been organized by the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) in partnership with Realdania, along with the Danish Ministry of Culture, the Danish Ministry of Environment, the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth, and the Danish Ministry of Climate and Building.

You can download the 4 Dk2050 publications here: