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Serban Cornea to speak at THE LIVEABLE CITY in Birmingham

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

On the 30th of November, Serban Cornea will speak at THE LIVEABLE CITY, a two-days celebration of architecture and planning in Birmingham. His talk will review MUTOPIA’s visionary work with development tendencies and their major impact on the transformation of cities towards becoming fossil-free societies.

Today, there is a growing agreement across the political spectrum with regards to the ambition of creating a green society. However, the road towards achieving a green society is challenging. Free-flowing transport is a major challenge to create, but nonetheless foundational for a liveable city, which is why more and more cities are looking to Denmark for inspiration.

Serban Cornea will present his view on how interfaces between different modes of transport integrated in masterplans based on intermodal green transportation systems providing ‘sustainable logistics’ can create healthy, peo­ple-friendly environments that can reduce congestion, pollution and carbon emission, as well as help cities cope with growing popula­tions and workforces.

The event, where central and local government, businesses, politicians and professionals take part in talks, seminars and debates on how cities can become better places to live, work and play, is organised by the Royal Danish Embassy in the UK in partnership with Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Combined Authority and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Henrik Ulsfort speaks on temporary architecture at Byens Ejendom Nordhavn Conference

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Last Friday, MUTOPIA’s Henrik Ulsfort gave a talk on new means of supporting bottom up urban development at Byens Ejendom Conference on the development of Nordhavnen. The current industrial Nordhavnen harbour of Copenhagen is in the process of being transformed into a new neighbourhood with a total capacity of 3.5 million square meters mixed residential and commercial programme, which will create space for 40.000 inhabitants and 40.000 work spaces by 2060.

MUTOPIA has developed a concept for kick-starting the development of unused sites by means of temporary activities aimed at providing exciting opportunities for urban life based on the unfolding of existing qualities of the urban context such as accessibility, history, location and existing activities.

A temporary hotel of customizable prefab modular units will provide much needed and highly attractive lodging and service space to support the activities of Culture Docken, a former salt warehouse which has become a popular culture venue since 2006 by providing a spectacular site for conferences, theatre, concerts, exhibitions as well as corporate events.

The first units have been constructed, and will soon be assembled on-site.

Byens Ejendom (The City’s Property) is the largest provider of information on urban development in Denmark.

Kristina Adsersen to speak at Byens Ejendom Conference

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Kristina Adsersen is to speak at Byens Ejendom Conference on the 31st of March. Byens Ejendom (The City’s Property) is the largest provider of information on urban development in Denmark.

Kristina Adsersen will discuss MUTOPIA’s design and subsequent impact of the proposal for the transformation of CPH’s Train Station into a drive-in Bike Station, as well as designing for the growing population of Denmark’s capital city, as part of the overall DKR 8 billion investment in the urban development of central Copenhagen.

MUTOPIA’s proposal for the transformation of the Central Station into a multi-modal train&bike hub creates a new symbiosis between bike and train aimed at encouraging bike commuting as an efficient and appealing solution to the massive traffic increase in Copenhagen.

Other speakers include Jesper Damgård, CEO Capital Investment, Ole Bach, Director Kvæsthusselskabet, Michael Bruhn, Director Pfa Ejendomme as well as Lars Liebst, CEO Tivoli.

Kristina Adsersen lecture on mobility megatrends

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Today, Kristina Adsersen will deliver a lecture on mobility megatrends for Metroselskabet and Hovedstadens Letbane.

Metroselskabet, a partnership owned jointly by the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Government and the City of Frederiksberg, and The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail, owned by the Danish State, the Capital Region and 11 municipalities, are the two companies tasked with building and operating a fast, easy and eco-friendly coherent public transportation system across Greater Copenhagen.

The lecture is based on DK2050, a scenario project for the green transition of Denmark towards becoming a carbon-free society headed and co-curated by MUTOPIA in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre DAC for Realdania, 5 Danish government ministries and 10 municipalities.

DK2050 project descriptions:

Serban Cornea lectures on Architecture&Communities in Budapest

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

By invitation of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serban Cornea has delivered a lecture on Architecture and Communities at A38, one of Budapest’s most important cultural venues located by the Petofi Bridge on a former Ukranian stone-carrier ship.

The lecture, opened with a speech by Danish Ambassador in Budapest Tom Nørring, was followed by a panel debate where Serban Cornea discussed opportunities for the development of Budapest’s iconic waterfront and industrial sites together with former Budapest Chief Architect Eva Beleznay and Aalborg City Architect Peder Baltzer Nielsen.