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MUTOPIA’s CityPark celebrates 10 years

Monday, August 13th, 2018

This summer, MUTOPIA’s first large scale completed project dedicated to accommodating urban life according to social behavior and changing needs, celebrates round birthday.

The 7ha large CityPark (dubbed ØCity/The City of Islands) has been developed through an effort of co-creation in close dialogue with 2.000 newcomers as a flexible system of programmable circular activity fields, capable of providing customized public space for the growing population of Ørestad, one of the newest urban areas of Copenhagen.

The CityPark officially opened the 20th of June 2008.

Since its inauguration, the system of themed “islands”, each with its own name, function and identity, has been further developed according to the principle of providing public space “à la carte” corresponding to new needs and emerging practices.

all pics courtesy By & Havn/Ole Malling.

Serban Cornea appointed external examiner by The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has appointed Serban Cornea external examiner for the period 1st of October 2018 to 30th of September 2022 as part of the joint team of external examiners for higher artistic educational programs comprising: The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Schools for Architecture, Design and Conservation, The Kolding School of Design and Aarhus School of Architecture.

MUTOPIA becomes part of SKALA Architects A / S

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

We are glad to announce that MUTOPIA becomes part of SKALA Architects from the 1st of July 2018. The merger comes as an intensification of a longer productive collaboration between the companies, which includes the winning entry for Brahes Bakke, a 4.5ha mixed tenure development in Horsens, currently under construction.

We are excited to become part of a stronger and professionally broader team, and look forward to a closer cooperation with SKALA Arkitekter A / S. CEO Kurt Ankjær remains in charge of the daily management of SKALA, while Serban Cornea will act as Head of the Urban Planning & Co-Creation Advisory Area.

MUTOPIA brings to the table expertise within the areas of Masterplanning, Urban Landscaping, Motorics & Learning as well as Co-Creation, to supplement SKALA’s focus areas within Housing, Renovation, Culture & Education and Healthcare, thereby delivering new business opportunities and mutual benefit for both companies.

As a result of the merger, we are now capable of offering our clients a stronger advisory team with a deeper and wider professional breadth. We are looking forward to the cooperation.

Link to SKALA Architects

THE SPIRAL opens in Kalundborg

Monday, February 6th, 2017

The SPIRAL opened last Saturday in Kalundborg with an astounding opening ceremony attended by politicians including Mayor Martin Damm and Vicemayor Peter Jacobsen, as well as 700 future users including boxers, fencers, karate and thai boxing practicioners, along with pupils from the nearby schools. The 2.650m2 large 4-story new house of movement is the first of its kind – a new typology for a mixed-use community space designed by MUTOPIA to unite self-organized and organized sports activities, dance, gymnastics, fencing, boxing and martial arts, into one synergistic whole.

The building, consisting of four different sized sports fields spiralling upwards on four story-high steps, enables maximum interaction between the many different users. The top of the building is rotated 45 degrees with respect to the ground level, which creates a dynamic interior where each sports field has a different size and space height, with the upper glass-encased floor providing a perfect setting for calmer activities. The twisting building volume featuring 4 double-curved surfaces with noise reduction properties has a horizontal wooden sticks façade which turns the building into an accessible topography inscribed in the surrounding hilly landscape.

The 4 green sports fields are interconnected by means of blue-coloured infrastructure consisting of a central core and a peripheral ‘mountain path’ -  a shared warm-up area with a shape-changing playful design, alternating between irregular steps and a wavy appearance. The stepped interior filled with daylight makes the different activities visible for each other, while providing 360 degree views of the beautiful surrounding hilly landscape, city, neighbouring school, harbour and sea.

“The SPIRAL provides flexible space for a wide range of different user groups in response to emergent needs for new forms of interaction and community, where sport acts as a catalyst for public life across age, performance level and interests.” tells MUTOPIA co-founder Serban Cornea, who has overseen the project since its start in 2009. “The SPIRAL provides more than a simple floor area increase compared to a traditional 20 x 40 sports hall. The spectacular 4 stories high spiralling common space enables the organization of different activities separately, yet interconnected as part of a mutually inspiring sports theatre.”

MUTOPIA realized the project in close collaboration with Casa Arkitekter, OBH Engineers, Spangenberg & Madsen and Ecolab. The project has been completed on time and within budget. The construction of The SPIRAL has been made possible by financial support from Kalundborg Kommune/The Municipality of Kalundborg and major contributions from Lokale og Anlægsfonden/The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities and A.P.Møller og Hustru Chastine McKinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal.

Link TV Øst:

X-House cleared and ready to welcome the new transparent ‘public living-room’ addition

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

The clearing of the centre of the X-House has been completed, and is now ready to welcome the new addition: a transparent ‘public living-room’.

The new multi-space with a generous 10m room height will become the focal area of the complex, providing synergy between the different activities of each ‘arm’ of the X.

MUTOPIA’s winning proposal for the adaptive reuse of a Danish shutdown school into a community centre is a strategic intervention at the very middle of the X-shaped building mass, aimed at providing the X-House with a dynamic central meeting point, and a new identity as a ‘social greenhouse’.

pics courtesy X-Huset