The SPIRAL nears completion

The opening date of The SPIRAL, MUTOPIA’s new house of movement, has been set for February the 4th, 2017.

The SPIRAL features a spectacular 4 stories high stepped common space which enables the organization of different activities separately, yet interconnected, as well as a horizontal wooden sticks façade which turns the building into an accessible topography inscribed in the surrounding hilly landscape.

The common space unites 4 different activity fields, each with its own size and room height, into an inspirational ‘sports theatre’ filled with daylight, which makes the different activities visible for each other, while providing 360 degree views of the city, neighbouring school, harbour and sea.

The key position of The SPIRAL – located at one of the highest summits of the city of Kalundborg – supports the city’s ambition to provide a sports&culture powerhouse in response to the emergent need for new forms of interaction and community, where sports culture acts as a catalyst for public life across age, performance level and interests.

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