MUTOPIA wins JumpingCenter competition in NærHeden

MUTOPIA, together with CUBO Arkitekter, C.C. Contractors, and Midtconsult Engineers, has won the SpringCenter NærHeden restricted competition for a Jumping Centre in Høje Taastrup in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

The 2.200m2 large project, comprising a trampoline hall, rhythmic gymnastics halls, along with changing and club rooms, will be a catalyst for public life in NærHeden, a 65ha upcoming suburban development which includes a former industrial site as well as a nature wetland area.

The Jumping Center will provide an inspiring meeting and training environment for the different sports associations of the Municipality of Høje Taastrup and the nearby school, while in the same time supporting organized and self-organized activities as part of ‘The Loop’, which will bring together all central functions, community recreational facilities, rainwater collection, ponds and tree clusters into a unifying recreational infrastructure&landscape belt.

The project’s completion is planned in 2016.  

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