MUTOPIA’s scenarios create added value for culture buildings

Danish Agency for Culture’s latest ‘Culture Buildings’ publication features MUTOPIA’s Jersie School project as an untraditional creative example of added value through scenario work.

Jersie School, a 6.600m2 large school situated in the Municipality of Solrød, South of Copenhagen, has to close due to pupil shortage. The remaining pupils will be moved to Uglegårdsskolen, and the empty school buildings are ready for new uses.

In spite of the good accessibility, finding a new tenant is challenging in a time where there is no shortage of unused space on the real estate market.

What kind of futures can be imagined?

As an effective method to visualize future development possibilities and provide basis for new initiatives and partnerships to support the school transformation, MUTOPIA has developed a number of scenarios for the adaptive re-use of the shutdown school, in collaboration with real estate firm Colliers International.

The ‘Culture Buildings’ catalogue aims at uncovering means of optimizing the usage of existing Danish culture buildings, including reduction of maintenance costs, space optimization as well as new business models and partnerships to secure increased revenues.

The ‘Culture Buildings’ catalogue has been developed through a collaboration between the Danish Agency for Culture (Kulturstyrelsen), The Danish Association of Construction Clients DACC (Bygherreforeningen) and MUTOPIA.

Jersie School scenarios:

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