MUTOPIA’s proposal for a drive-in Bike Station featured in MAGASINET KBH

What if you could access Copenhagen’s Train Station with your bike on a raised bike platform?

MUTOPIA’s proposal for the transformation of CPH’s Train Station into a drive-in Bike Station is featured in MAGASINET KBH, an independent media with an eye to the city’s architecture and the rapid urban development with impact on the everyday life of the Copenhageners.

The unused roof areas of the existing Shopping Centre, in combination with the generous interior height of the Central Station, provide a unique opportunity for establishing an independent concourse level for bike commuters inside the very station hall.

The new bike concourse level provides efficient access combined with weather protection and 4.000 bike parking places close to the train platforms. In the same time, it adds to the existing 2.200m2 shopping facilities 3.250m2 expanded services, retail and well located facilities aimed at providing a high quality passenger experience for bike commuters.

The transformation of the Central Station into a multi-modal train&bike hub creates a new symbiosis between bike and train aimed at encouraging bike commuting as an efficient and appealing solution to the massive traffic increase in Copenhagen.

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