Kalundborg Mayor Martin Damm praises The SPIRAL for breaking new ground

MUTOPIA’s SPIRAL was praised by Kalundborg Mayor Martin Damm as a groundbreaking building at the topping-out ceremony held last week.

“There are not many places where The SPIRAL is comparable to an ordinary house”, stated the Mayor, and continued “This building is in many ways pioneering, architecturally, not just in Kalundborg, but also at national level, as it is very special and exciting, and it is also pioneering functionally, as it proposes a new way to practising sports”, said Mayor Martin Damm in his speech.

“We are used to seeing halls of 20 x 40 meters as a one-size-fits-all approach to sports, whereas here there is place for many types of sports to be performed simultaneously in the same building. In this way, the different activities become more visible and inspiring to each other”, pointed out Martin Damm.

The SPIRAL, consisting of four different sized sports fields spiralling upwards on four story-high steps, features a spectacular 4 stories high stepped common space which enables the organization of different activities separately, yet interconnected as part of a uniting whole.



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