Construction begins on MUTOPIA’s X-HOUSE

Construction has begun on The X-HOUSE, MUTOPIA’s winning proposal for the adaptive reuse of a Danish shutdown school into a community centre.

MUTOPIA’s proposal is a strategic intervention at the very middle of the X-shaped building mass, aimed at providing the X-HOUSE with a dynamic central meeting point, and a new identity as a ‘social greenhouse’. Sports clubs and self-organized activities, communal welfare provision and other health related functions, along with culture and leisure activities will blend together in a new multi-space – a public living room, thereby creating a strong platform to promote social innovation.

The new multi-space, featuring a generous room height to enhance its central and multifunctional qualities, a glass façade, to secure transparency and visual connections between the different functional areas, and a floating orangery for good quality indoor climate, will become the focal area of the complex, providing opportunities for synergy between the different activities of each ‘arm’ of the X by centralizing access and distribution, while in the same time articulating all the different areas of activity, both indoors and outdoors.

The project, developed in collaboration with OBH Engineers, Brunholm Construction Consulting, Colliers International Danmark and Mikael Eriksen, has received massive support from the local community, as well as financial support from Lokale og Anlægsfonden, Realdania and Ken Fonden, along with contributions from local citizens and companies.

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