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Monday, April 30th, 2018

Docken Hotel is a proposal for a temporary hotel in Copenhagen’s Northern Harbour, based on a prefab module system developed by MUTOPIA as a sustainable solution to the current housing shortage, and with a focus on ‘container housing’ as a strategy for generating identity and exciting opportunities for urban life in upcoming urban developments by means of temporary activities.

The proposal reflects MUTOPIA’s interest for the temporary as a permanent urban condition capable of supporting diversity while absorbing changing needs and practices of usages, an agenda pursued from early projects like MIKADO Plaza and ØCITY Citypark, and up to the recently completed SPIRAL and X-HOUSE, projects all dealing with temporality, flexibility, identity and (changing) patterns of usage.

The project, developed in two versions of 18 and 29 units, will provide much needed and highly attractive lodging and service space to support the activities of Culture Docken, a former salt warehouse which has become a popular culture venue since 2006 by providing a spectacular site for conferences, theatre, concerts, exhibitions as well as corporate events.

In the same time, the project will support the development of the industrial harbour of Copenhagen, the biggest ongoing urban development in Copenhagen with a total capacity of 3.5 million square meters mixed residential and commercial programme, which will create space for 40.000 inhabitants and 40.000 work spaces by 2060.

The residential neighbourhood Kongeskrænten tops out

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

A new sustainable residential neighbourhood in Smørum, North Zealand, is rising, which was celebrated in a top-out ceremony earlier today.

The 23ha large site contains 66 housing units for a total of 9.250m2 grouped in 20 house barns with three or four housing units each and positioned at various locations of the sloping site.

The shuffled disposition of the barns creates cross-views which increase interaction with nature and between the mini-communities of each barn, while transforming the typical monotonous suburban row-house area into a modern and family-friendly environment, fully integrated within the beautiful surroundings.

The buildings comply with the Danish Building Regulations 2020. Integrated solar cells and a visible storm water management, along with sustainable materials, further contribute to creating a green and liveable neighbourhood.

Kongeskrænten is a competition winning entry developed by MUTOPIA in collaboration with Årstiderne Arkitekter for Ejendomsgruppen Danmark and KONstruct.

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Serban Cornea to speak at BYENS Ejendom the 6th of March

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

On the 6th of March, Serban Cornea will be speaking at the BYENS Ejendom conference about MUTOPIA’s recent work with prefab module systems as a sustainable solution to the current housing shortage, while focusing on the ‘container housing’ theme as a strategy of generating urban life and identity in upcoming urban developments by means of temporary projects.

Byens Ejendom (The City’s Property) is the largest provider of information on urban development in Denmark.

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MUTOPIA announces departure of Kristina Jordt Adsersen

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

MUTOPIA announces that Kristina Jordt Adsersen, Partner, will leave the practice at the end of March 2018. Kristina Jordt Adsersen has been a co-founder of MUTOPIA together with Serban Cornea and partner since 2005, whilst working on many major urban planning and architecture projects, along with developing tools for communication and dialogue.

Kristina Jordt Adsersen has overseen masterplanning and sports&culture related projects, headed a number of award-winning projects, while in the same time significantly contributing to MUTOPIA’s dialogue-oriented approach to architecture.

‘Kristina has played a substantial role in MUTOPIA as a key co-developer of our co-creation strategies and thoughts about architecture as the art of many, and we are grateful for her yearlong engagement in MUTOPIA’s development and growth as designer, involvement process coordinator, and partner’, says Serban Cornea, founding partner at MUTOPIA.

‘It has been a fantastic and inspiring 13-years long period in which I developed professionally by working on a wide range of different projects, while in the same time expanding the boundaries of the architectural profession as a collective and user-oriented effort, and I am proud for having contributed to MUTOPIA’s varied body of work, including abstract projects, as well as realised projects’ says Kristina Adsersen. ‘It is now time for me to pursue my personal interest for housing as a main field of future activity’.

Kristina Jordt Adsersen joins Zeso Architects as Head of Housing Department and stays on at MUTOPIA on a freelancer basis for ongoing projects to be handed over, as well as for upcoming dialogue-oriented projects, as a process designer and coordinator.

MUTOPIA is currently involved in several major projects under construction, including the 11.500m2 large 4-track school Lindbjergskolen in Herning, the 8.800m2 large sports&culture venue FrederiksborgCentret in Hillerød, a temporary hotel made of customizable prefab units in Copenhagen, as well as a number of sports, culture and housing masterplans, including the 9.250m2 large Kongeskrænten in the Copenhagen metropolitan area, and a 13.500m2 large masterplan, recently selected as a winner of a competition for a mixed tenure development in Horsens.

MUTOPIA wins Brahes Bakke, a competition for a 4,5ha mixed tenure development in Horsens

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

MUTOPIA, together with Skala Arkitekter and property developer Kuben Management, have been selected by The Municipality of Horsens winners of the Brahes Bakke competition for the development of a new mixed tenure community.

Three building clients will secure the development of this diverse neighbourhood featuring different forms of tenure: private rental housing (Pædagogernes Pension PBU), owner-occupancy (Danhaus) and affordable housing (Domea Horsens).

The 4,5ha large area will contain 130 housing units for a total of 13.500m2 organized in freestanding attractive housing blocks, whose all-around orientation allows for optimal arrangement of all dwellings, while providing spectacular views of the fields, forest and nearby cultural monuments.

The ‘houses’ are scattered over the existing landscape to create cross views that increase communication, open areas and social exchange. The scattering combines individuality with a collective spirit and allows for the creation of four dense ‘mini-neighborhoods’, which in turn enable the creation of more openness towards the surrounding landscape and a recreational green belt containing communal elements.