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Serban Cornea keynote speaker at FYNs FREMTID urban region development conference

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Today, Serban Cornea will be keynote speaker at FYNs FREMTID 6, a conference about the development of Fyn/Funen, the third-largest island of Denmark. The conference is organized by Byregion Fyn, a collaboration on strategic development between 9 municipalities on Fyn.

The conference, focused on the strategic development of Fyn, will target issues related to energy (Energiplan Fyn) and infrastructure (Strategisk infrastruktur) within the broader perspective of DK2050, a scenario project about the green transition of Denmark headed and co-curated by MUTOPIA in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre DAC for Realdania, 5 Danish government ministries and 10 municipalities.

Serban Cornea will reflect upon the opportunities for improving live conditions on Fyn offered by the green transition, and discuss possibilities for creating a sustainable future in panel discussions with Odense Mayor Anker Boye, Assens Mayor Søren Steen Andersen, Kerteminde Mayor Hans Luunbjerg, bicycle expert at Atkins Erik Kjærgaard and Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Photo credits: Asger Ladefoged, BT.

MUTOPIA shortlisted for masterplan in Aalborg

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

MUTOPIA has been shortlisted as one of three teams for the Sohngårdsholm masterplan in Aalborg by The Municipality of Aalborg and Freja Ejendomme.

The urban development of the 88ha large area adjacent to the upcoming light rail is part of the Growth Axis, a high density urban ribbon connecting the airport towards West and the harbour towards East.

The Growth Axis will provide a continuous concentrated urban development area supported by the light rail as the driving engine for the development of Aalborg towards becoming a mixed, liveable and attractive ‘Tough Little Big City’, as expressed in the Aalborg City Vision 2025.

The masterplan includes Sohngårdsholmsparken, a 62ha large citypark established in 1959-1960 around Sohngårdsholm Castle, along with an ‘urban belt’ adjacent to the light rail track and currently containing a number of institutions to be retrofitted and integrated within the new high-density urban environment.

MUTOPIA’s proposal for a drive-in Bike Station featured in MAGASINET KBH

Friday, October 16th, 2015

What if you could access Copenhagen’s Train Station with your bike on a raised bike platform?

MUTOPIA’s proposal for the transformation of CPH’s Train Station into a drive-in Bike Station is featured in MAGASINET KBH, an independent media with an eye to the city’s architecture and the rapid urban development with impact on the everyday life of the Copenhageners.

The unused roof areas of the existing Shopping Centre, in combination with the generous interior height of the Central Station, provide a unique opportunity for establishing an independent concourse level for bike commuters inside the very station hall.

The new bike concourse level provides efficient access combined with weather protection and 4.000 bike parking places close to the train platforms. In the same time, it adds to the existing 2.200m2 shopping facilities 3.250m2 expanded services, retail and well located facilities aimed at providing a high quality passenger experience for bike commuters.

The transformation of the Central Station into a multi-modal train&bike hub creates a new symbiosis between bike and train aimed at encouraging bike commuting as an efficient and appealing solution to the massive traffic increase in Copenhagen.

MUTOPIA presents sustainable scenarios for Denmark at The Danish Parliament

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Tonight, MUTOPIA presents the DK2050 scenarios for the green transition of Denmark towards becoming a carbon-free society at Christiansborg Palace, the seat of The Danish Parliament, as part of Copenhagen’s annual Culture Night.

How to create a sustainable society in 2050, which major opportunities for improving our live conditions does the green transition offer, and will the transformation be state driven, or will municipalities, citizens and private companies become major drivers of change?

Visitors of The Danish Parliament will be given the opportunity to consider pros and cons related to Denmark’s transition towards a low carbon society in 2050 by placing their vote – a green sphere, in a bowl corresponding to their favourite scenario.

The green transition scenarios have been developed as part of DK2050, a project headed and co-curated by MUTOPIA in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre DAC for Realdania, 5 Danish government ministries and 10 municipalities.

The DK2050 scenarios will be showcased at the Constitution Chamber, as part of an event hosted by the parliamentary group for Alternativet/The Alternative, a new Danish political party focused on sustainable transition, a new political culture and the entrepreneurial creative power of society and individuals.

foto credits: FOTO24 by Klaus H. Markussen

DK2050 project descriptions:

MUTOPIA to design masterplan project in HØNG, Kalundborg

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

MUTOPIA has been chosen by The Municipality of Kalundborg to design a masterplan for the 31ha large central area of Høng.

Aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the city of Høng as a settlement area, the masterplan will target the central green area of Høng, to be developed as a culture & sports park uniting leisure, sports and learning into one synergistic whole.

Høng is a railway town situated in the North-Western part of Zealand, the largest and most populated island of Denmark with a population representing 45% of the country’s total population.

The masterplan will take advantage of the unique central location of the area, proximity to schools, kindergarten, day care centre, library and surrounding residential areas for families and seniors, to support the future development of Høng as a good place to live and work based on an active cultural and sporting life for both organized and self-organized activities.

As part of the masterplan, MUTOPIA will design a new sports hall as an extension of the existing Høng Hall, to cover the increasing demand for club premises and optimize the use of the existing facilities.