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MUTOPIA team wish Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

MUTOPIA had a fantastic 2015.

We have met new and old collaborators and clients, and exchanged ideas with users and citizens. Thank you all, you are our true source of inspiration…

In 2015, we have reached our goal of engaging with social sustainable projects and creating synergy opportunities between city and countryside…

We have created new multi-use spaces. Play and sports are for us like yin and yang, just as combining organized and self-organized activities creates a safe way towards the lively city…

Sustainability at all scales is an important design parameter, together with the user values…

We believe that architecture can contribute to CO2 reduction, thereby creating a better and greener future…

We would like to welcome COP21 and a new world ready to tackle climate change…

In 2016, we look forward to pursuing our work for creating not only greener, but also more social cities…

We know that CO2reduction cannot be achieved without integrating organically into the cities the DNA of the users: we can all make a difference…

In 2016, we look forward to integrating green solutions and social architecture…

And we look forward to continuing our cooperation with all our clients and collaborators, in a joint effort to develop social, experimental, playful and greener cities.

MUTOPIA wins JumpingCenter competition in NærHeden

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

MUTOPIA, together with CUBO Arkitekter, C.C. Contractors, and Midtconsult Engineers, has won the SpringCenter NærHeden restricted competition for a Jumping Centre in Høje Taastrup in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

The 2.200m2 large project, comprising a trampoline hall, rhythmic gymnastics halls, along with changing and club rooms, will be a catalyst for public life in NærHeden, a 65ha upcoming suburban development which includes a former industrial site as well as a nature wetland area.

The Jumping Center will provide an inspiring meeting and training environment for the different sports associations of the Municipality of Høje Taastrup and the nearby school, while in the same time supporting organized and self-organized activities as part of ‘The Loop’, which will bring together all central functions, community recreational facilities, rainwater collection, ponds and tree clusters into a unifying recreational infrastructure&landscape belt.

The project’s completion is planned in 2016.  

The SPIRAL takes shape

Friday, December 4th, 2015

MUTOPIA’s SPIRAL is taking shape. Latest photos show the progress on the construction site, with the concrete building parts erected and the central stair about to be lifted in place.

The SPIRAL consists of four different sized sport fields placed according to a spiralling movement upwards on four storey-high steps, to create multiple possibilities for visual interaction between the many different users.

Serban Cornea lectures on Architecture&Communities in Budapest

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

By invitation of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre and The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serban Cornea has delivered a lecture on Architecture and Communities at A38, one of Budapest’s most important cultural venues located by the Petofi Bridge on a former Ukranian stone-carrier ship.

The lecture, opened with a speech by Danish Ambassador in Budapest Tom Nørring, was followed by a panel debate where Serban Cornea discussed opportunities for the development of Budapest’s iconic waterfront and industrial sites together with former Budapest Chief Architect Eva Beleznay and Aalborg City Architect Peder Baltzer Nielsen.

MUTOPIA reveals praised masterplan for the development of Allinge and Folkemødet

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

MUTOPIA was selected to develop a masterplan for ‘Folkemødet’, Denmark’s political festival and Allinge, the hosting city on the island of Bornholm. The proposal was praised by the jury at the public release ceremony last Monday for its ‘good understanding of Allinge’s uniqueness and authenticity’, as well as for its ‘incredibly strong use-what-you-have strategy’.

The site-specific and the authentic event

MUTOPIA proposes to combine the site-specific and the authentic qualities to create a solid base for strengthening Allinges unique identity as ‘democratic city’, and provide a strategic development tool to create synergy between the city and the festival. The project includes strategies for sustainable urban development, densification and retrofit, proposals for optimizing infrastructure and accessibility, along with a number of site-specific interventions.

100 annexes

Based on a meticulous mapping of the potential sites for development, MUTOPIA has developed an acupuncture densification strategy which includes 100 annexes, small additions to the existing building structure able to provide accommodation in authentic city surroundings during both the Folkemødet days and the tourist season. The 100 annexes will strengthen the local ownership for Folkemødet, while providing an authentic, centrally located and more appealing accommodation alternative to the typical tents.

The first phase of the parallel assignment created by Realdania and Bornholms Regionskommune has now been completed, providing a robust framework for further development. MUTOPIA collaborated on the masterplan with Erik Brandt Dam Arkitekter, Center for Regional- og Turismeforskning (Centre for Regional & Tourism Research) and Lars Rasmussen, Danmarks Sportsfiskeriforbund (Denmark’s Sport Fishing Association).

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