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Swing Island opened

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

The Swing Island inaugurates the next step in the development of the CityPark, conceived by MUTOPIA for The Landowners’ Association Ørestad City as a flexible structure-on-demand capable of accommodating change by combining organic growth and user driven innovation.

True to the original concept of creating public space à la carte, the Swing Island adds new program in a playful design to the existing archipelago of circle-shaped activity ‘islands’, in response to the growing needs for recreational facilities of the local community.

A new activity area in the CityPark developed by MUTOPIA for The Landowners’ Association Ørestad City and The Municipality of Copenhagen is scheduled to open October 2013.

MUTOPIA selected for school transformation competition

Friday, June 28th, 2013

MUTOPIA has been shortlisted along with four other teams to participate in a competition for adaptive re-use of shutdown schools.

A number of 8 architecture firms out of 21 have been shortlisted by Lokale og Anlægsfonden (LOA) to team up with 5 village communities, which in turn where offered the opportunity to choose each a collaborating architecture firm.

Following this two-stepped selection process, MUTOPIA has been chosen to develop a proposal for the transformation of the Vester Hæsinge School into a new activity center for the local community and the surrounding villages. The team to deliver the proposal for the transformation of Vester Hæsinge School consists of MUTOPIA Architects, real estate company Colliers International and anthropologist&artist Mikael Eriksen.

Currently, a large number of schools are being shut down all over Denmark. As a result of the schools shutdown, many cities are losing one of their central pivots for public life, which also lessens the leisure activities of clubs and interest groups, eventually leading to families leaving the communities. The competition aims at providing proposals for the transformation of the closed schools into vibrant centers for community life.

Out of the transformation proposals of the 5 teams, 3 will be selected mid-November for further project development leading to construction with the financial support of LOA.

Press release

Aab multi-field opening

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Aab announces the opening of a MUTOPIA-designed multipurpose sportsfield to extend the club facilities. The new sportsfield will feature a number of new training areas to improve the training possibilities for the club members, while in the same time providing training facilities for a range of new users.

Aab is a professional Aalborg-based football team at the top of the Danish Football League. Aab have won three Danish Superliga championships and two Danish Cup trophies.

Serban Cornea to blog on innovation

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Serban Cornea has been invited to blog on sustainability as source for architectural innovation at The Danish Architectural Press.

The Danish Architectural Press was founded in 1949 as a commercial foundation for the purpose of promoting architecture and the Danish architecture profession’s standing.

Serban’s first blog entry “From waste to food – waste as an urban-cultural resource” discusses opportunities for achieving sustainable development and attractiveness of Danish cities by combining urban development and food production.

New sports center receives great endorsement

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Herlufsholm Idrætsforening (Herlufsholm sports club) April launched the project for their upcoming sports center designed by MUTOPIA. The project received great endorsement from politicians and local citizens who are looking forward to the project completion.

The multifunctional sports center mixes a range of different sports activities to create a place for all, regardless age or interest, while in the same time providing training facilities for both club members as well as self-organized activity forms.

The project has been developed as a part of MUTOPIA’s sustainable strategy for innovative sports facilities, and includes the usage of artificial sports turf as well as rainwater harvesting features.