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Serban Cornea expert at The Danish Architects’ Association´s yearly meeting

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Serban Cornea will participate as an expert at The Danish Architects’s
Association’s yearly meeting 2010 entitled ‘Moving Sustainability by Design:
New Activities New Design New Energy’.
The conference, consisting of a series of workshops and a seminar, addresses
the issue of how  sustainable architecture and planning can support  the
motivation to exercise  and better long-term health conditions, in
response to the general decreasing of physical activity and the increasing
energy consumption of Danish sport halls and facilities.

Leading Danish and international practitioners will discuss possible
solutions for new sport facilities or the improvement of existing ones at
specific city, suburban and rural sites during a series of workshops the 4th
of November.
The outcome of the workshops will be presented as a starting point for a
debate with architects, researchers, urban planners and politicians on new
ways of integrating sustainability, sport and architecture at a conference
at Aarhus School of Architecture the 5th of November.

See also The Danish Architects’ Association webpage.

Herlev Hospital participatory process completed

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The second stage of the participatory process for the rebuilding of the
Cardiology Department of the Herlev Hospital has been completed.

The project has aimed at involving the different groups of users of the
Cardiology Department in the process of re-building by means of U_Build, a
webbased dialogue- and process management software developed by MUTOPIA.
U_Build enables stakeholders to comment a given project under development in
a virtual on-line forum by means of 3D realtime technology.

The outcome of the dialogue has fuelled the design process, while in the
same time acting as a ‘proof test’ of the design development.


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Vertical Hutong, MUTOPIA´s innovative sustainable high-rise, is on display at
the Benaki Museum in Athens as part of Building Sustainable Communities, a
travelling exhibition showcasing sustainable projects with a global agenda
by 29 leading Danish design companies.  

The exhibition, on display from the 16th of September to the 30th of
October, is the final stage of the Building Sustainable Communities world
tour, which has included such different venues as Abu Dhabi, Berlin,
Stockholm, Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, as well as Shanghai Expo 2010.

See also the Benaki Museum webpage

VERTICAL HUTONG in metroexpress

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010



Vertical Hutong, MUTOPIA´s innovative sustainable high-rise, is presented as a possible solution to the increasing need for densification of our urban environments in metroexpress, the largest free newspaper in Denmark.

Oslo mixed-use competition

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

MUTOPIA has been invited to participate at the competition for the development of Oxenøen Bruk, an area within Fornebu, the former site of the Oslo airport. The development – an extension to an existing structure comprising the famous headquarter for Norsk Skog by Lund & Hagem, as well as buildings by Magnus Poulsson, the Oslo Town Hall architect, is to comprise 17.000m2 mixed-use office and residential program.